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The 7 Cardinal Rules Every Applicant Should Know When Applying to the VIRMP


The Veterinary Internship Residency Matching Program, or commonly referred to as the “VIRMP”, is a very interesting application process for selecting veterinarians for advanced training.

For many applicants, this is the first (and probably the only times) in your life when you will be applying for a job (i.e. internship) but may never visit the job-site, never have an interview, and may never speak to your boss before receiving an offer letter.

Sounds crazy, right? What should you expect from the VIRMP?


In this document, we will cover topics such as: 

  • What the VIRMP is all about.

  • Why the VIRMP

  • The 7 Cardinal Rules

    1. Grade point average (GPA) and class rank

    2. Letters of Reference (LOR)

    3. Research

    4. Experience

    5. Letter of Intent (LOI)

    6. Where to apply?

    7. Should I contact the programs I applied to?

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