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VetPrep Product Features Flyer 

For your use, a PDF version of our Products with features.

Flyer:  VetPrep Flyer - PDF 

Power Lecture Video Samples

PowerLectures are mini-reviews that guide you through the most pertinent material with streaming audio and slides. Each lecture is short (usually between 5 and 15 minutes) and intended to emphasize the aspects of each disease that is most important and most likely to be emphasized on your board examination. New PowerLectures are released regularly and available on your computer and mobile device. VetPrep Premium only.

Sample 1: Canine Indolent Corneal Ulcers - 5:48

Sample 2: Spinal Cord Localization - 11:07

Sample 3: Passing the NAVLE with VetPrep - 12:30

Power Pages Sample

PowerPages are neatly packaged PDFs each focused on a single key veterinary topic. Each PowerPage is condensed to the main points on the subject for quick synopsis. They provide the equivalent of a summary and highlights for a topic specific lecture or review session. PowerPages are also linked to questions on the topic for easy accessibility when you need additional information to master the concept.

Sample 1: Causes of Abortion in the Horse - PDF 

VetPrep Student Rep Webinar 


VetPrep Student Rep Webinar from XPrep Learning Solutions on Vimeo.