Dr. Michael Tokiwa, DVM and one of this year's judges, had the opportunity to sit down with the three finalist teams and discuss the process, their "IDEAS" and the overall journey with The Idea Competition Season 2.

556673b7eeafd.image.jpgABOUT DR. TOKIWA

Michael Tokiwa, DVM Michael “Dr. T” Tokiwa is the owner and Medical Director at The Animal Hospital. A self proclaimed CanAsian, he graduated from The Atlantic Veterinary College in beautiful Prince Edward Island.

His passion has always been to change the landscape of the profession: embracing the latest technologies, medical and management changes that not only help improve the medicine we practice, but also help with the quality and lifestyle of the people within the profession.

Dr. Tokiwa is also a media personality. As host of Your Pet Matters Radio show Saturday mornings at 10AM, he brings the people that treat, train and help your pets into your living rooms. 


Michael Congiusta - Dental Vet - University of Minnesota



William Aqeel & Emmanouil Emmanouilidis - U-Syringe - Midwestern University



Cory Erb - PetStat - Washington State University