"On behalf of all the North American students in Edinburgh, I'd like to say THANK YOU to you and the whole VetPrep team for helping us through the toughest exam of our lives.

When I found out I passed my NAVLE, I was surprised (to be honest) but when the shock wore off, I felt so much gratitude for VetPrep. I'd completed 100% of VetPrep and I don't think I would have been able to pass without it. The even better news is, I didn't just pass, I KILLED IT! I couldn't have been
happier and I've had numerous other students come up and ask me to pass on their thanks as well.

I'll very happily tell students in the years below that VetPrep is absolutely worth the investment. I'm so glad I had it as a resource.

Thank you again for all your help and support and for producing such a good quality product. It's helped so many of us.


 What made you want to become a veterinarian?

My bond with my childhood dog, Maisy. All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot. Solving puzzles. A love of science. Indulging in my logical side and compassionate side at the same time.

Has vet school changed the way you look at animals? Or changed the way you look at this profession?
Yes, I have a much better understanding of animal behaviour and welfare and place more importance on what is actually in the animals' best interest rather than what people want for the animal.

99pass.pngWhy did you choose VetPrep?
Word of mouth - everyone uses VetPrep

How has your experience been using VetPrep?
Excellent - I passed my NAVLE! What more could I ask for?

Why would you recommend this program to another student?
I only used VetPrep to prepare for my NAVLE. I thought it was immensely helpful.

How do you feel VetPrep has prepared or will prepare you for the veterinary profession?
VetPrep helped me with my NAVLE. I kinda wish there was some extension of it (searchable database?) to help me as a new graduate vet!

What do you most look forward to as a veterinarian?
Building rapport with clients and patients - making long term investments into cases.

How do you think VetPrep can help make a difference in the veterinary community?
Keep growing! I would really like to see an app I could use as a new graduate with common, searchable clinical presentations/signs.

How would you like to see the future of the veterinary field change?
Client education and improved animal welfare through understanding of animal behaviour.