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Veterinary Exam Room

Exam Room Checklist for New Grad Veterinarians
JULY2021-iconAfter the slow, deliberate pace of appointments that you have likely seen as a vet student on clinical rotations, seeing a full day of appointments may come as a bit of a shock to your system!
As you settle into a routine, handling the flow of appointments will become second nature. In the early stages of your career, however, it can be helpful to think through each appointment as a discrete set of steps.

While the exact details will vary, depending on your practice and the type of appointment you are seeing (wellness vs. injury/illness), most in-room appointments should involve the following.

Topics Covered:

  1. Reviewing the Patient’s Medical Record
  2. Talking to Your Exam Room Tech and Forming a Plan
  3. Gathering Any Supplies That You May Need
  4. Entering the Room and Introducing Yourself
  5. and more... 
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